Some of you may have noticed that activity on the site has been rather slow recently and that no new Swing Components have been released in the last weeks. The reason for this is that the developers at Custom Swing Components have spent the last few weeks pouring all their effort into developing a Twitter Client intended to demonstrate just how awesome Swing applications can be.


The goal at the outset of the project was to build the fastest and best performing Twitter clients available in the market. Although these are extremely lofty goals, we always aim high.


It is therefore with great sadness that we learnt that Twitter has turned its back on the developer community and put it in no uncertain terms that new third party Twitter clients will not be welcome in the Twitter ecosphere. Needless to say we are extremely disheartened by this news as a huge amount of developer effort has been exerted into building our client.


During the development process we partnered with another design company led by Lathan Britz to help develop the final UI for the application, unfortunately we have been forced to stop development prior to retrofitting the final design.


Although the application is far from finished, and (I’m ashamed to say still) contains a few bugs, we wanted to share with you what was accomplished by our dedicated team of developers, while we are still able.


The beta version of the application is attached to this blog post and can be launched by saving the jar file to your pc and running “java -jar shweet-beta-demo.jar”.


Once you have finished using the demo, we recommend you remove the permissions for JSCPOC from your Twitter account.


Lastly the name Shweet is the internal code name for the project as we had not yet decided on the final name of the application.


Please be aware that this demo is provided as a beta, and is therefore not production ready. Should you choose to download and run the demo, you have agreed to abide by all the terms and conditions of the standard Custom Swing Components license. Custom Swing Components is not liable for any harm or damage that occurs either directly or indirectly from using the application.


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